Cruise Reviews from the Red Chair

Is this Armchair Criticism? Are these reviews in the vein of Statler and Waldorf? Anecdoctal Evidence for the masses? Outright puffery and overzealous punditry? Maybe all and none of these things.

In this new feature I’ll be sharing my opinion on all things film, television, streaming, and music. Oh, and occasionally fashion. Coming to you in shorter, snappier (some might say snippier?) little bundles of prose from the cheap seats. Tune in for my thoughts as I mull over and muse about whatever happens to be on my radar. Something I like to call ‘Cruising Altitude’.

What will Cruise conclude…??? Check back soon for the premiere of this new feature!

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2 thoughts on “Cruise Reviews from the Red Chair

  1. Kathryn Cruise 22nd Sep 2020 — 2:18 pm


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  2. God help the Oscars!! Lol


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